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Experienced Facial Cupping

Although this wonderful technique has been around for centuries, more and more people are discovering the many benefits of facial cupping. The Chinese and the ancient Egyptians used a similar technique to keep their facial skin youthful and healthy. With the addition of Young Living Oils, this technique is almost too good to be true Facial cupping brings two extremely effective modalities together in one treatment: Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage. Essential oils are used for their firming, lifting and skin-nourishing properties and deep relaxation they impart. Facial cupping is an effective and restorative treatment that everyone can benefit from.

Facial Cupping has a CUMULATIVE EFFECT!


The Anatomy of a Wrinkle

With repetitive facial expressions over time, the liquid hyaluronic acid in the dermis can become solidified into a gel-like substance which holds the skin in a fold or a wrinkle. Facial cupping helps to remove excess fluid from the tissues which helps to lift the skin. The negative pressure of the cups liquefies the hyaluronic acid so the tissues are no longer held in a folded (or wrinkled) position. The addition of Young living Oils creates a facial treatment that is unique and long-lasting. A side effect of this treatment is deep, restorative relaxation.

With the regular treatments, wrinkles and expression lines can be noticeably reduced, creating a youthful, healthy complexion. Facial cupping treatments continue to liquefy the hyaluronic acid of the skin so that existing wrinkles continue to diminish. A smoother, lifted and more youthful appearance is achieved.