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Discover Raindrop Technique

Gary young, founder of Young Living essential oils developed Raindrop Technique in the 1980s. Based on scientific research, it is recognized that certain types of viruses, microbes, fungi, etc… can affect the vertebrae of the spine and may cause/contribute to sciatic pain, stenosis, scoliosis and other maladies associated with the spine. The essential oils used in this technique are known to be highly antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and act as muscle relaxants.  It is common for the receiver to gain ½ to a full inch of height after treatment due to the intervertebral discs becoming hydrated. Also Raindrop Technique can be customized to suit specific concerns such as: digestive issues, post-concussion treatment hormonal problems and many more.

raindrop technique lakotawheel

Using Young Living Essential Oils

The Lakota Native Americans used to cross into Canada to be able to view the Aurora Borealis and to receive the healing energy of this wondrous phenomenon. If anyone was ill they would raise their hands to the Northern Lights and breathe in the energy. The Aurora is an electromagnetic phenomenon and it is thought the native people were benefitting from the discharge of charged particles. The essential oils used in Raindrop Technique and the application techniques which were borrowed from the Lakota are used to mimic the effects of the energizing and healing properties of the Aurora Borealis.