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Sonic bio-tuning therapy

Sonic Bio-Tuning will enable your body to enter into a deep state of relaxation. This tuning fork therapy will use touch, movement and other methods to help with the flow of energy.  Just like you adjust the piano to sound better, your body can also be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance with the help of sonic bio-tuning therapy. The tuning forks can instantaneously alter your body's biochemistry and bring your nervous system and organs into harmonic balance.

Relieve a variety of symptoms using sonic bio-tuning therapy

  • Relieve headache

  • Relieve tight shoulders

  • Treat back muscles

  • Treat abdominal discomfort

  • Relieve tension

Singing Bowls

Quartz crystal bowls and hand hammered 7 metal Tibetan bowls are used to harmonically balance energy in the body and electromagnetic field. The multiple tones that the bowls produce entrain. Frequencies that encourage tissues to heal.

Dive Into A New Dimension of Health

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  • Reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling

  • Bring muscle tone into harmonic balance

  • RSD

  • Shingles